The Shindoverse is the online home for my creative expression in writing and art. I post images of works, photos, and writing projects in progress and some things about teaching and creativity.

I am a longtime San Diegan, Okinawan-American, queer writer/artist with a BA in English and an MFA in creative writing along with having dropped out of a fashion school a long time ago. My interests are in drawing, fiction (literary and science fiction), and writing in general. I also teach English at a local community college and I ride my bike all over San Diego. I've watched countless hours of Star Trek and I love a good Star Trek joke.

My online persona is Shindo, a moniker I have used for nearly two decades, ever since my first website where I was a young creative writing student who wanted to promote his work online. I managed to upload a few works to the shindotv website. I have also kept a blog by the same name (archived on WordPress) and followed up with shorter-lived blog called the Shindoverse (a casualty of hackers). I've used some variation of Shindo in my social media presences, though I can also be identified by my first name Shinichi.

This version of the Shindoverse is creating an online presence for myself other having one on Facebook and Twitter. My portfolio for Resplendence, my MFA project, is hosted here, along with images of the Gold Lady. For 2018 and beyond, may it be a home for new works and projects.

"Cross and Cigarette" photograph by James Evans.