Welcome to The Shindoverse Notebook, where I record musings and projects and works in progress.


I’ve been working on this new website for some time. It’s mainly designed to feature Resplendence, my MFA creative writing project and related work. Most of it was finished last year, but I kept putting off the finishing touches where it was ready for public viewing. I have procrastinated enough and the new year was a good time as any to get started. 

I’ve also been procrastinating on the writing, art, and other things I want to do and now is a good time to get going on those things. A few years ago, I scribbled down “Be Resplendent!” and it’s easy to say. It’s wonderful advice. The difficulty is in following your own advice. 

This year, I want to take my own advice. This may be making more images of the Gold Lady. It may be writing my personal stories. Visiting faraway planets and their civilizations in my fiction counts. Picking up books and reading them definitely. It may also be learning how to play a musical instrument. Most of all, helping others be resplendent is part of that’s.  

Happy new year and welcome. Be resplendent!