Resplendence was my MFA creative writing project, a work that integrated visuals and text. Genre-wise, it would be now understood as a hybrid text. My influences for this includes William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience with those wonderfully illustrated poems, Antoine de St Exupery's The Little Prince, drawings by Swiss mental patient Adolf Wolfli, Harvey Pekar's American Splendor, and Andy Warhol's early advertising work. Also, the influence of pop music such as Tom Tom Club, Madonna, and Radiohead spill into this work with a bit of text here and there borrowed by my protagonist along with various references. The Gold Lady, that archetypal diva, is the clear star of this work. However, it is about the troubled narrator finding that he is every bit the star that he sees in this Gold Lady he draws.

Early images, "Benny's Narratives" & "My Bald Avenger."

A mentally ill young man finds salvation in a fantastic Gold Lady. "Benny's Narratives" was first published in Trepan, Spring/Summer, 2001.


"The Weekend Pass" and "Dear Paparazzo"

The Gold Lady eludes Benny during and after a trip to Los Angeles with his brother.


"From the Lipstick that's Used"

Benny goes inward and says more about himself along with stealing someone else's work.


"Beauty Secrets of the Gold Lady"

Benny tells the world the Gold Lady's beauty secrets along with creating some self portraits.

"The Immortal Golden Lady"

The Gold Lady is the timeless muse and Benny doesn't hesitate to remind people pf that.



Benny aspires to the glamor of the Gold Lady.

"Finale" and "Coda"

Benny escapes the hospital to seek out the Gold Lady in Santa Monica.


Extras: Project-related drawings not used in Resplendence.